Exterior door VPP2

  • Left
  • Right
  • 920x2090
  • 980x2090
  • 1020x2090


    • Golden Oak
    • Golden Oak
    • Walnut
    • Walnut
    • Anthracite
    • Anthracite


PU2 mat
PU2 mat
PU6 mirror
PU6 mirror
  • Model: VPP2
  • Window: PU6 (PU6 mirror)
  • Dimensions: 920x2090
  • Color: RS (Walnut)
  • Opening direction: Left
Door price:
1573 €
Door handle and cylinder — 52 €; Edging — 38,9 €
Door code:
VPP2092X209RSK PU6


Doors will serve you a long time.

This leads to:

– Decades of improvement in construction;

– Use of high quality materials;

– Manufacturing process quality control.

However, to prolong door lifetime it must be properly installed.

Reliable exterior door


Exterior doors will fully protect your heat. Door heat transfer coefficient (U=0,72─1,25 W/m²K). Also there are no “cold bridges” , because inner and outer parts of the door are separated by wooden profile and polyurethane foam layer.

Warm exterior door


For all exterior doors 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is given .

During and beyond warranty period we will find best solution for You.

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