Important when installing door

1. Do no throw away the packaging, you might need it in order to make a refund.

2. Check if the door matches Your order and once again measure the opening prapared for installation.

3. The correct geometry of the door must be preserved.


Teisingai is priekio ENTeisingai is sono EN

Angles perpendicular, diagonals even, threshold and frame makes a rectangle.


Kreivas slenkstis 2Kreivas slenkstis 1Staktos pavirtimas 2 Staktos pavirtimas 1

Deformation and displacement. View from the front.


Staktu issigaubimas 1 Staktu issigaubimas 2

Frame concaved or convexed. View from the front.


Staktos pasvirimas 1 Staktos pasvirimas 2 Staktos prasikeitimas 1 Staktos prasikeitimas 2

Frame sloped or transformed. View from the side.


4. Fast door installation check (without tools).

  • No obstruction while opening or closing the door leaf;
  • Half-open door leaf must remain in same position;
  • Door handles works smoothly and locks work precicely;
  • While closing the door its leaf and frame must come in contact exactly at the same time just like it is showed in the picture below. A=B=C.




Doors will serve you a long time.

This leads to:

– Decades of improvement in construction;

– Use of high quality materials;

– Manufacturing process quality control.

However, to prolong door lifetime it must be properly installed.

Reliable exterior door


Exterior doors will fully protect your heat. Door heat transfer coefficient (U=0,72─1,25 W/m²K). Also there are no “cold bridges” , because inner and outer parts of the door are separated by wooden profile and polyurethane foam layer.

Warm exterior door


For all exterior doors 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is given .

During and beyond warranty period we will find best solution for You.

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