Traditional frame

  • For interior ERKADO door made with a STILE technology.
  • Made of high quality MDF and laminated with scratch resistant wood imitating coating.
  • Can be laminated with GREKO, CPL or PREMIUM coatings.
  • Package includes: frame elements, hinges and frame assembly parts.
  • Total of three hinges are included.
  • All mounting spaces for hinges and connecting parts are prepared for assembly.
  • Installation instructions and warranty sheet are inside the package.
Dimensions, mm
Door width A B C D E
”60” 644 618 602 690 720
”70” 744 718 702 790 820
”80” 844 818 802 890 920
”90” 944 918 902 990 1020
”100”  1044 1018 1002 1090 1120
Greko CPL Premium
Frame width 90 mm 71 78 78
Edgings one side set 15 17 17
Corners one side set 7 8 8


Doors will serve you a long time.

This leads to:

– Decades of improvement in construction;

– Use of high quality materials;

– Manufacturing process quality control.

However, to prolong door lifetime it must be properly installed.

Reliable exterior door


Exterior doors will fully protect your heat. Door heat transfer coefficient (U=0,72─1,25 W/m²K). Also there are no “cold bridges” , because inner and outer parts of the door are separated by wooden profile and polyurethane foam layer.

Warm exterior door


For all exterior doors 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is given .

During and beyond warranty period we will find best solution for You.

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