Installation instruction


Warning! Please read this instruction before installation.

These exterior doors are designed to be used as entry doors for residential and non-residential premises.

Doors are harmless to health and has no negative impact on the enviroment if used as intended.


  1. Door installation and adjustment can only be performed by qualified specialist.
  2. Depending on installation, door can be opened outward or inward.
  3. If dark color doors are exposed to direct sunlight it will heat up and can temporarily bend slightly. Therefore we advise to protect the dark color doors from direct sunlight with overhead guard or just choose brighter color.
  4. Wall opening dimensions should be 1-2 cm wider than door (outside frame) dimensions.
  5. To complete door installation at least eight bolts (four at each side) must be screwed through frame to the wall with equal spacing between them. Bolts must comply with the wall structure.


  1. Unpack the door without removing leaf protective membrane and also do not destroy manufacturers packaging.
  2. Check whether the door are the same as ordered and does not have structural defects. However if door does not meet Your order or has structural defects, then please pack the door and start reclamation procedure. (IMPORTANT! – Please read warranty sheet).
  3. Clean and level out edges of the wall outlet.
  4. Insert the door frame into the wall outlet and temporarily capture it.
  5. Make door sill bottom at the same height as present or future floor level. Check door frame horizontaly and verticaly by using spirit level also check frame diagonals and capture it with installation pins.
  6. Recheck frame position and if needed adjust it with pins, then tighten the frame (hinge side) to the wall with four installation bolts.
  7. Check the door leaf by opening and closing, adjust frame parallelism to the door leaf if needed and tighten the frame (lock side) to the wall with four installation bolts.
  8. Fill the gaps between wall and frame with low-expansion polyurethane foam.
  9. Install lock handles, cylinders and cylinder covers.
  10. Remove all remaining excess of polyurethane foam after it is hardened.
  11. Remove protective membrane from the door leaf.
  12. Hinge adjustment is not needed if doors installed correctly.

Main installation mistakes and a way to check for problems.


Doors will serve you a long time.

This leads to:

– Decades of improvement in construction;

– Use of high quality materials;

– Manufacturing process quality control.

However, to prolong door lifetime it must be properly installed.

Reliable exterior door


Exterior doors will fully protect your heat. Door heat transfer coefficient (U=0,72─1,25 W/m²K). Also there are no “cold bridges” , because inner and outer parts of the door are separated by wooden profile and polyurethane foam layer.

Warm exterior door


For all exterior doors 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is given .

During and beyond warranty period we will find best solution for You.

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